• Free Options

    There are many non-profit
    organizations dedicated to providing
    drug and alcohol treatment and support

    State Supported Rehab

    Millions of federal and state tax dollars
    are allocated to subsidizing rehab treatment
    for patients who cannot afford them.

    12 Step Groups

    These effective low-cost alternatives
    to expensive treatment programs
    are available in most communities.

    Faith Based Rehab

    Thousands of churches and religious
    organizations offer low-cost or free drug and
    alcohol treatment as part of their mission.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab  

Let's Do Recovery House

516 4th Ave.
Greenville, SC - 29609

The Phoenix Center

1400 Cleveland Street
Greenville, SC - 29607
(864) 467-3790

Olivia’s House - Jefferson C...

8017 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL - 35206
(205) 833-5708

1 800-607-2263 Speak with an addiction helpline advisor now.

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Compassionate Help For Addicts

Treatment centers across the country offer dedicated and compassionate care for drug and alcohol addicts.

New & Creative Ways to Pay For Rehab

There is more than one way to obtain financial assistance to pay for treatment.
Learn how different organizations can help you.

Thousand of Rehab centers All Over

Find a drug and alcohol treatment center for addiction in your city or state. There are also several international locations.