Kentucky Free Treatment Centers

State of Kentucky Government Funded and Non Profit Rehab Programs

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Below we have listed all of the cities in Kentucky in alphabetical order.

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Addiction and Recovery Medicine, Robert J. Middleton, MD, FACP

2100 Gardiner Lane Ste 217A
Louisville, KY - 40205
(502) 454-6001

Bulk Waste, Louisville Metro Solid Waste Management

600 Meriwether Ave
Louisville, KY - 40217
(502) 574-3333

Northkey Community Care Pendleton County

318-320 Montjoy Street
Falmouth, KY - 41040
(859) 654-6988

State Funded & Non-Profit Treatment

Free Options

There are many non-profit organizations dedicated to providing drug and alcohol treatment and support

State Supported Rehab

Millions of federal and state tax dollars are allocated to subsidizing rehab treatment for patients who cannot afford them.

Faith Based Rehab

Thousands of churches and religious organizations offer low-cost or free drug and alcohol treatment as part of their missions.