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The State of Connecticut has many state funded treatment options that are funded to provide addiction treatment for their residents. There are also medicaid accepted providers of substance abuse treatment. We have researched these along with Non Profit 501(c)(3) and County Rehab programs to provide a comprehensive list of provide at little to no cost for residents.

Latest List for Hartford, CT

Alcohol And Drug Recovery Center Detox Center Hartford

500 Blue Hills Avenue 6th Floor
Hartford, CT - 06112
(860) 714-3700
Alcohol And Drug Recovery Center Detox Center Hartford Inpatient alcohol detoxification, inpatient drug detox. Three-seven day medical detoxification (at 3.7 level of care) for substance addiction. Provides assessment, counseling and referr..

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HOUSE OF BREAD Transitional Housing

1453 Main Street
Hartford, CT - 06120
(860) 549-4188
HOUSE OF BREAD Transitional Housing Provides transitional housing sites for men in recovery from substance abuse and one site (Star House) for women in recovery from substance abuse. Maximum length of stay is 2 years. Eligibility: Ages 18..

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State of CT Blue Hills Substance Abuse Treatment Center

500 Vine Street
Hartford, CT - 06112
(860) 293-6400
State of CT Blue Hills Substance Abuse Treatment Center Provides inpatient drug detox. 7 day inpatient detox program for alcohol, heroin, or prescription drug addictions. Will either treat or refer pregnant women to other programs for detox..

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Due to the low number of listings in Hartford, we have added area listings below.

Phoenix House Academy at Springfield

15 Mulberry Street
Springfield, MA - 01105
(800) 378-4435
Established in 2001, Phoenix House Academy at Springfield is a residential facility that provides substance abuse treatment and education to adolescent boys ages 13 to 18.  Counselors and residents work together to create personal treatment plans that match solutions to the specific needs of ..

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1250 Silver Street
Middletown, CT - 06457
(800) 542-4791
Rushford is an inpatient drug and alcohol detox center. Fees are based on income sliding scale. Full description: Inpatient detox for alcohol, heroin, inhalants, and prescription medicine. Medical detox unit with daily physician-supervised, 24-hour nursing, pharmaceutical support, structur..

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Merritt Hall
Middletown, CT - 06457
(860) 262-6321
CONNECTICUT VALLEY HOSPITAL - ADDICTION SERVICE Inpatient Alcohol and drug detox programs. 5-7 day inpatient detoxification program for alcohol, heroin, or prescription medicine. Clients must meet level of care criteria. Will detox pregnant women for alcohol and prescription medicine. ..

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Brewster Road
Bristol, CT - 06011
(860) 585-3420
BARNES III INPATIENT BEHAVIORAL HEALTH UNIT/CRISIS SERVICES Inpatient 3-5 day alcohol detox treatment. Also offers detox treatment for opiates (opium, heroin, morphine, and codeine), and certain prescription drugs. Eligibility: Age 18+; Detox for pregnant women by individual assessment P..

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Phoenix House Springfield Center

5 Madison Avenue
Springfield, MA - 01105
(800) 378-4435
Phoenix House Springfield Center provides residential substance abuse treatment for men and women, with an emphasis on gender-specific programming.  Clients receive treatment–including treatment for co-occurring mental health needs–in a highly structured setting where they can develop the..

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State Funded & Non-Profit Treatment

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There are many non-profit organizations dedicated to providing drug and alcohol treatment and support

State Supported Rehab

Millions of federal and state tax dollars are allocated to subsidizing rehab treatment for patients who cannot afford them.

Faith Based Rehab

Thousands of churches and religious organizations offer low-cost or free drug and alcohol treatment as part of their missions.