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State of Texas Government Funded and Non Profit Rehab Programs

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State and Government Funded Treatment Centers in San Antonio, tx

The State of Texas has many state funded treatment options that are funded to provide addiction treatment for their residents. There are also medicaid accepted providers of substance abuse treatment. We have researched these along with Non Profit 501(c)(3) and County Rehab programs to provide a comprehensive list of provide at little to no cost for residents.

Many of these treatment plans can be free to the client based on your financial history.

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San Antonio State Hospital

6711 S. New Braunfels, Suite 100
San Antonio, TX - 78223

(210) 531-8130

San Antonio State Hospital services: Primary inpatient psychiatric hospital with complete psychiatric and rehabilitative services. ...


Fort Sam Houston Army - Substance Abuse Program

1706 Stanley Rd.
San Antonio, TX - 78234

(210) 212-2988

Makes referrals for hospital detoxification and evaluations. Provides: alcohol and drug multi-milieu outpatient counseling services crisis intervention individual and group therapy family therapy education and discussion groups....


Lifetime Recovery San Antonio

10290 Southton Road
San Antonio, TX - 78223

(210) 633-0201

Services: Residential Alcoholism Treatment FacilitiesResidential Drug Abuse Treatment FacilitiesLifetime Recovery and their parent Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center, have provided focused, meaningful, treatment for chemical dependency to the people o...


Alpha Home Residential Services - Mulberry Site

300 E. Mulberry
San Antonio, TX - 78212

(210) 735-3822

Alpha Home Residential Services - Mulberry Site offers a specialized female residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment program for adult women. Dual diagnosis and pregnant referrals accepted. Substance abuse counselinghome school for addic...


Adult Services - Detention Health Care Services

200 North Comal St., Suite MT-01
San Antonio, TX - 78207

(210) 335-6260

Adult Services - Detention Health Care Services mental health staff provide crisis and routine care to mentally ill detainees. Offer round the clock screening and assessment for mental illness, substance abuse and other problems. Also provide indivi...


Audie L. Murphy Hospital

7400 Merton Minter Blvd.
San Antonio, TX - 78229

(210) 617-5300

Audie L. Murphy Hospital provides comprehensive acute hospital care, including medicine, surgery and psychiatry. Other specialty hospital programs include rehabilitation medicine, spinal cord injury, substance abuse, dental, and a restorative nursin...


AAMA HHS Services Division Substance Abuse Counseling

434 S. Main, Suite 217
San Antonio, TX - 78204


The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans offers substance treatment counseling programs for youth and adults. Take into consideration the individual's unique strengths, needs and abilities to develop an individualized treatment plan...


Elite Counseling Substance Abuse Outpatient

410 S. Main, Suite 201
San Antonio, TX - 78204


Elite Counseling offers substance abuse outpatient treatment, cognitive restructuring, and works with dual diagnosed and medically compromised. Offers adult and adolescent programs, anger solution groups, drug offender education, and criminal condu...


Community Counseling Service - OLLU

590 N. General McMullen, Suite 3
San Antonio, TX - 78228

(210) 434-1054

A training facility for master and doctorate level students supervised by psychologist who perform counseling services: marriage and family individual biofeedback anger management family abuse and violence. ...


Youth Prevention Program

306 S. Flores
San Antonio, TX - 78204

(210) 224-7714

Youth Prevention Program Provides LifeSkills for middle school and substance abuse prevention presentations to schools and community. ...


Teen Challenge

3850 S. Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, TX - 78264

(210) 624-2075

Teen Challenge A 13-month residential Christian drug and alcohol program dedicated to developing and restoring addicts back into society so they can function as mentally sound, emotionally balanced, physically well and spiritually alive. Through ...


The Patrician Movement San Antonio

1249 S. St. Mary's St.
San Antonio, TX - 78210

(210) 534-4029

The Patrician Movement San Antonio  provides a substance abuse, detoxification and treatment program for clients and their families. The treatment program includes assessment, counseling, educational and vocational services, medical and psych...


Palmer Drug Abuse Program

P.O. Box 782155
San Antonio, TX - 78278

(210) 227-2634

Palmer Drug Abuse Program  offers: individual counseling 12-step recovery group meeting and structured chemical-free activities for teenagers and young adults with a chemical dependency Individual counseling and recovery group meetings ar...


The Salvation Army ARC (Adult Rehabilitation Center)

1324 S. Flores St.
San Antonio, TX - 78204

(210) 223-6877

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is a holistic rehabilitation center. It is comprised of religious activities, work therapy, educational classes (spiritual, emotional, financial, life skills, and addiction) as well as recreational the...


Residential Treatment - Lifetime Recovery

10290 Southton Rd.
San Antonio, TX - 78223

(210) 633-0201

Residential Program is for adult men, and is a two phase, 90-day program. The first phase, of approximately 30 days, is an intensive residential program involving education, group and individual therapy, client driven groups, recreational time dail...


Project Heart - Youth Intervention and Prevention Programs

AT&T Building 1
San Antonio, TX - 78227

(210) 225-4741

Project Heart - Youth Intervention and Prevention Programs  provides a variety of curriculum-based educational groups, life skills training and alternative activities for youth in schools or community centers throughout Bexar County. Preventi...


Skills Training/Counseling

907 W. Theo (Youth Center)
San Antonio, TX - 78225

(210) 977-9555

Skills Training/Counseling  offers services for youth and families that are experiencing difficulties and behavior problems at home and/or at school. Serves youth that appear to have a mental health diagnosis and/or exhibit serious emotional,...


Outcry In The Barrio Christian Growth Center

1003 S.W. 38th St.
San Antonio, TX - 78237

(210) 434-2774

Outcry In The Barrio Christian Growth Center serves as a city of refuge for the healing of body, soul and spirit to those in bondage to life-controlling vices. The addict is able to live there, receive Christian education to help him read just unti...


Peer Educator Program/TSAP (The Student Assistance Program)

1300 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio, TX - 78212

(210) 486-1448

The Peer Educator Program offers referrals to community programs, information on issues affecting the SAC student and their families, and referral to in-house counseling through The Student Assistance Program. TSAP provides free therapeutic counsel...


Health Care for Homeless Veterans - Department of Veteran Affairs

4073 Medical Dr.
San Antonio, TX - 78229

(210) 949-9001

The program is designed to reach out to homeless veterans. Homeless veterans desirous of change may be placed in a transitional residential shelter or referred to the local V.A. Hospital for psychiatric or substance abuse treatment. ...


Alcoholics Anonymous - San Antonio

8804 Tradeway
San Antonio, TX - 78217

(210) 828-6235

Alcoholics Anonymous - San Antonio  provides help to the alcoholic who wants it. Requests for speakers are answered through the office. Provides general information and literature about alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous to alcoholics and ...

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