Honolulu, Hawaii

State of Hawaii Government Funded and Non Profit Rehab Programs

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State and Government Funded Treatment Centers in Honolulu, hi

The State of Hawaii has many state funded treatment options that are funded to provide addiction treatment for their residents. There are also medicaid accepted providers of substance abuse treatment. We have researched these along with Non Profit 501(c)(3) and County Rehab programs to provide a comprehensive list of provide at little to no cost for residents.

Many of these treatment plans can be free to the client based on your financial history.

For faster service, call 855-956-5034 to speak with one of our advisors. They are more familiar with the application processes and can guide you if you have any type of insurance.


Salvation Army Addiction Treatment Waokanaka Honolulu

3624 Waokanaka Street
Honolulu, HI - 96817

(808) 595-6371

Provides a continuum of substance abuse treatment services including: social model detoxification residential treatment day treatment intensive outpatient treatment and outpatient services Treatment focus is cognitive with strong relapse prevent...


Salvation Army Rehab Center Sumner St Honolulu

322 Sumner Street
Honolulu, HI - 96817

(808) 522-8400

Conducts a residential Christian program for men with alcohol/substance abuse and social adjustment problems. Program includes: personal/group counseling education recreation and work therapy to regain self-respect and living skills To be elig...


Sand Island Treatment Center Honolulu

1240 Sand Island Access Road
Honolulu, HI - 96819

(808) 841-2319

Sand Island Treatment Center Honolulu  provides: residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation day treatment out-patient (high intensity and low intensity) supportive living dual diagnosis and aftercare Program is for Adult men and wo...



1130 N. Nimitz Highway, Suite C-302
Honolulu, HI - 96817

(808) 538-0704

HOURS:    Hours in Honolulu: 5:30 am to 3:00 pm. Hours in Hilo: 5:30 am to 1:30 pm. Hours in Puna: 8:30-4:30. Intensive Outpatient Program is 9am - 12pm      SERVICE DESCRIPTION:  They are a recovery ori...


Veterans Affair Department Substance Abuse Treatment Honolulu

459 Patterson Road
Honolulu, HI - 96819

(808) 433-0660

Provides substance abuse treatment services for eligible veterans. Includes group, family, occupational, antabuse therapy, detox, medical, psychiatric, social, residential treatment, outpatient care for those dual diagnosis, court assessments and i...